This course is not wholly exclusive to VTOS candidates as there is flexibility on the criteria of age (over 21), type of social welfare payment, if any, the person is receiving, and the period of unemployment (greater than 6 months), subject to individual circumstances.

One is fully eligible for VTOS if you are:

Aged 21 or over


In receipt of one of the following Social Welfare payments for at least 6 months when the course begins:

  • Job Seekers Allowance/Benefit
  • Farm Assist
  • One Parent Family
  • Disability Allowance/Illness Benefit*
  • Invalidity Pension
  • Blind Persons Pension
  • Widow/Widower(s) Pension
  • Prisoners Wives Allowance

Or Are

  • Signing for Credits
  • A Dependent Spouse

*People receiving illness benefit should first contact their Social Welfare Office regarding the continuation of their illness benefit payment.

**People in receipt of statutory redundancy but not in receipt of a qualifying payment for the required period may participate on VTOS courses after being made redundant.